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why does my curser keep freezing i have to log off and login again
still happens now and then

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Re: curser

Post by kasapres »

Which operating system please?

I can think of two most likely causes:

If you have too much happening on your computer at one time, your Windows Explorer program (your internal browser) could be overwhelmed and/or the system resources could be overtaxed. When this happens, no additional activity (like your mouse program) will be possible.
Once you reboot (and thus close down many of the resource-gobbling activities), your mouse will work again---until the next time your system is overtaxed.

Hint: Media programs (audio, video, photos) and media heavy webpages are your most likely suspects. If you have too many of these open, expect your system to rebel.

To check and correct:
--Right click on the taskbar (along the bottom) and choose Start Task Manager (or equivalent).
--In the page that opens, click on the Processes tab. The resulting list shows all the programs actively running at that time and gives an estimate of how much of your system resources (memory) they are using. You might see several versions of your browser (Firefox, Chrome etc.) and/or several instances of Windows Explorer all running at the same time. Add their memory usage together to get cumulative memory usage.
--Now (still in Task Manager), click on the Performances tab.
--The new panel will show the percentage of total system resources being used and a graph of recent activity. If at any time, that graph line climbed higher than the top two sections, your system was being overtaxed---which likely resulted in too few resources to operate your mouse program.

Your only solution is to close down any programs and/or pages you don't immediately need....either by closing the relevant browser tabs or, using your Task Manager> Processes tab (described above), by clicking on a specific item then on End process (confirm when asked).

The other most likely issue is your mouse program itself. It might need an update or a complete reinstall.
--If you have the installation disk, rerun it. If you don't have the disk, google to find the program and install the latest version.
--The mouse driver should definitely be updated, if possible.
--Click on Start and type Device manager.
--In the list that comes up (above), click on Device manager.
--In the panel that opens, click the down arrow beside Mice and other pointing devices to reveal the mouse program.
--RIGHT click on the program and choose Update Driver software then follow the install process.
--Reboot once the update is done.

Let us know?

PS: As I have suggested many times before, everyone should have installed and be using Autoruns. If you are not, you're creating/allowing a much larger problem than need be.
It allows you to stifle any program or component thereof which, for no logical reason, starts up automatically when you boot up---and gobbles resources whether you need it to be running or not.
It works via a simple tick or untick of a box. The programs remain available. They just don't suck up resources unnecessarily.
Think of how much memory usage you could reclaim simply by stopping all those intrusive but not-immediately-necessary programs. ... s/autoruns

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