Life in 20 20

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Life in 20 20

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We will all remember 20 20
For things we couldn’t do
Every thing’s been put on hold
Just putting our life askew

Tuesday mornings not the same
Oh I’m going without my sport
Not even allowed to see
The empty badminton court

I’m sitting here on a Thursday
No biscuits nor coffee too
Art is just a memory
What am I going to do

Cancelled two theatre trips
Where live music is a must
Films and videos not the same
Back there next year I trust

No monthly meeting to attend
Shaking hands, saying hello
Listening to renowned speakers
Or our Group Am-Dram show

Sit and chat while waiting
For a table tennis game
Playing it on the computer
Somehow is just not the same

Luckily I’ve got my kindle
So plenty of books to read
But still stuck in doors all day
It’s out and about I need

Vaccine on the horizon
Has started to give us hope
We can once again be busy
I just wonder if we’ll cope

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Re: Life in 20 20

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